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torsdag, oktober 18th, 2018

Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low Come with Black Colorway

After almost half of the collection has leaked in the new colorway, we now have our first look at the black Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low.Virgil Abloh’s joint collaboration with Nike will continue in 2018 and will continue to expose new works, maintaining a high level of market attention. In addition to the latest all-white OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “The Ten” debuted at Paris Fashion Week, recently exposed the black version of OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1!As can be seen from the label on the shoe box packaging, the special version of MoMA, item number AV5210-001, may only be available at the MoMA show.The Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low is the next to join the stealthy black roundup for Fall 2018.

US time September 6 OFF-WHITE x Nike joint series finally ushered in official release, in addition to the ten pairs of shoes in the joint plan, Adidas Falcon W YUNG-2 Dark Grey is a special version of OFF-WHITE x Nike air force 1 first exposure.The debut of the Off-White x Nike “The Ten” collection was one of the most anticipated sneaker releases ever. Recently, the sneaker photographer with the INS account name took a set of foot photos and said in the comments that the pair OFF-WHITE x Nike air force 1 is a super limited edition.After the plain white version of the collection disappeared from shelves last Winter, getting hands on a pair of Off-White Nikes has been difficult.As with the rest of the collection, the Air Force 1 takes on a triple-black colorway highlighted by a silver Swoosh.

“AIR”, this is the sneaker vocabulary that fans are most familiar with this year. A pair Nike Air Max 270 Bordeaux of “big AIR” lets everyone know the meaning of “AIR”.However, we can now assume that the pair will be dropping two extensive footwear lines this year. So in the “The Ten” by Virgil Abloh, “AIR” became the most common element, but when we were looking for Air Force 1 in “The Ten”, it was not the same as imagined, this is Air Force 1?Most of the collaborative shoes from Off-White and the Swoosh have now surfaced in a plain black colorway, all of which seem to be releasing sometime this Fall. Compared to the pair of AF1s designed by Virgil Abloh for the AF100, the “The Ten” pair is too different, but this is the ingenuity of “The Ten”. In fact, when Virgil Abloh opened the “The Ten” project, the first test was Air Force 1. He redesigned the Air Force 1 Low classic cool black shoe with a multi-purpose utility knife and marker. His staff put the pair of unique shoes on the Miami Design Fair held in December last year.

fredag, september 28th, 2018

Shop discount Nike Air Max 720 Laser

Nike Air Max 720 Laser ,The soft, elastic sensation provides a durable bounce with the same feel and sensation from the shoes first mile to the last.The team looked to honor the planet and landed on the color-shifting palette of blues and purples inspired by the Northern Lights to coerce an awestruck sense of wonder at nature. Air Max, as you know, has been around for over three decades now. In that time, we’ve seen a masterful legacy born from outstanding design and performance, but it’s the shapelessness of this gas that reflects its endless potential. However, thanks to Instagram user BubbleKoppe, we have an early look at Nike’s next addition to their Air Max family.It was all summarized in one word: Drained.

Undftd x Nike Air Max 97 White ,Several other color themes based on the sunset and sunrise as well as lakes, dunes, forests, and more are certainly on the way, while a “Milky Way” version will drop on Air Max Day 2019.The purpose of this focus group was to not only deliver a product that fills consumers needs, but one that communicates comfort and support in more ways than one. The new Nike Air Max 720 might be the sleekiest addition to the franchise in years.The 720 bag is far from your typical full-length set-up. Instead, the fattest portion of the air unit is around the border so that the foot sits above it like how one sits above an inner-tube.

Off White x Nike Air Max 98 Triple Black,How our products are made matters and we can use Nike Air to deliver a more sustainable future for athletes.Just like the Air Max 270 from earlier this year, the 720 was designed as a lifestyle model intended for casual wear.With the foot completely cradled, the 720 provides enough bounce and stability built for daily use and especially for those who are on their feet from twelve to sixteen hours a day.There should be no trade-off between lightening our footprint and improving performance. The upper appears to be made from a flexible neoprene-like material with a ribbed pattern across it, as well as iridescent plastic rings to provide support in key areas. As teased by Nike, the midsole features an enormous airbag with a tall heel tapering all the way to the toes of the new silhouette.Buy best price Nike Air Max 720 Laser on Cadysneakers.